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Service & Maintenance
You want your vehicle to operate reliably for the long haul, and that requires keeping up with scheduled service and vehicle maintenance. Smart Torque Automotive is here to help you take care of it all! We’ll help you keep your vehicle in good condition to avoid unnecessary, inconvenient breakdowns.
What We Do
We'll ensure your new car warranty stays intact as we only use manufacturer equivalent parts & oils that will NOT void your new car warranty.
Not sticking to a logbook any more? We offer a wide range of general servicing through to custom servicing. 
We’re able to provide service for all kinds of fleets, from sedans and vans to light trucks and buses.
Roadside Assistance
We can provide you with the protection and peace of mind you need while you're behind the wheel with our 6-month roadside assistance package. Every six months, simply return to Smart Torque Automotive for a service on or before the expiry date of your cover and we will renew your cover for a further six months free of charge!
New Car Warranty Service
When it comes to logbook servicing, vehicle owners get mixed messages. On the one hand, independent mechanics claim they can take care of it all without voiding the warranties. Dealerships, however, insinuate that you can only bring your vehicle to them if you want your warranty to remain in effect. So what’s the truth?

The truth is in the consumer’s favour – you can bring your vehicle to an independent mechanic, and it won’t void your warranty! Smart Torque Automotive is here to handle all of your logbook servicing needs.
•• Comprehensive Customer Service ••
In addition to all of the above, we give you comfort and choice around your services. You can schedule a single 90-minute service appointment, take advantage of free pickup and drop-off or opt for an early or late appointment. We’ll keep a close eye on your vehicle and only replace parts and fluids when absolutely necessary. You can even inspect the new and old parts. Finally, we’ll clearly document any anticipated future repairs and provide an estimate for those right way.
And on top of this all, we even offer free roadside assistance for 6 months after your service – just because we care.

Make the smart choice and bring your vehicle to Smart Torque Automotive for all of its maintenance and service needs. Book your appointment today to get started!
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