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Auto Repairs
Vehicles break. It’s a fact of life, so when your vehicle starts to give you trouble, you need to make sure you have a qualified mechanic on speed dial. Smart Torque Automotive is the smart choice. With smart service, smart advice and smart value, we have everything you need to take great care of your vehicle.

Our team provide value. Check out what we’ll do for you:
  • Only replace the parts that need replacing
  • Show and explain the repairs and damaged parts
  • Use quality parts and timely service to perform quality repairs
  • Provide comprehensive, itemised and competitive quotes that are easy to understand
  • Provide quick and simple online bookings
•• What We Repair ••
Mechanical Properties: From funny noises to that pesky ‘check engine’ light, we know how to find and fix what’s wrong with your engine.

Electrical Problems: Whether your fuse keeps blowing or your battery is hesitant, we know how to make auto electrical issues a thing of the past.

Engine Repairs: When your vehicle isn’t running quite right, bring it to us. We can handle everything from carburettor tuning to full engine rebuilds.

Clutch Repairs: If your clutch is slipping, noisy or not releasing, that needs immediate care and attention. Bring the vehicle to us for a strong diagnosis and fast repairs.
Brake Repairs: Don’t risk not being able to stop when you need to. Whether your brakes are soft or spongy or the vehicle pulls when you brake, we’ll fix the problem so you can drive safely.

Exhaust Repairs: You want toxic fumes to stay out of your vehicle cabin, so don’t put off exhaust and muffler repairs. Bring your vehicle to us to handle all exhaust and muffler issues, from simple repairs to custom systems.

Registration Check: You want to drive a safe vehicle, right? Make sure you come to us for your rego check. We’ll give your vehicle a thorough once-over so you can walk away with your ‘pink slip’ in hand to re-register your car.

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